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Anda Upchurch, Senior Buyer, Purchasing Division

City of Grand Prairie, TX

We were building our own manual database of cooperative contracts and each quarter it would take us hours to update it. As soon as I heard about CoProcure, I was onboard. I talked to my manager and we put CoProcure up on our internal website for our agency to utilize. As soon as people realize CoProcure can take the place of manual, internal processes, it's a no brainer.

John D. Tigert, Purchasing Services Manager

Dorchester County, SC

A director called me today to confirm that vendor had a cooperative contract. I went to CoProcure, typed in the vendor name, and within 5 seconds confirmed that the vendor is on 3 different coop contracts. It was literally a 5 or 10 second check as opposed to spending an extended time researching or discussing with the vendor.


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