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Purchasing to-dos piling up?

CoProcure finds you the most relevant cooperative contracts, so you can make a better purchase in less time.

Feeling overworked? You're not alone.

Nearly 40% of public purchasers are working overtime to purchase more with fewer resources. Even if cooperative purchasing will save your agency time and money, you can't spend days searching for cooperative contracts.

CoProcure is your free virtual assistant for cooperative purchasing research and diligence.

We find the most relevant cooperative contracts for you, so you can make a more informed purchase in less time.

About CoProcure

CoProcure makes it easy for governments with similar needs to collaborate on procurement. We're a team of former public servants and technologists. Together with select public partners, we’re building a one-stop-shop for public purchasers to find, compare, and utilize contracts from many different sources. This tool is in private beta and will be available to public purchasers in the coming months - sign up to get access.

For Governments

Public purchasers can sign up to use CoProcure for free. Need help now? Submit a request for help on an upcoming purchase.

For Vendors

Vendors interested in scaling sales to government can submit your contracts to our database.

For all other inquiries, please say hello .

Need help now? Submit a special request.

Public purchasers can access the CoProcure platform for free soon. In the meantime, if you need help finding relevant contracts for an upcoming procurement, you can submit a request.

Here's how it works:

  • 1) Submit your request. We'll respond within 24 hours to confirm the details of your request.
  • 2) Receive contracts. We'll share contracts that match your request from national and regional purchasing cooperatives, states, and local agencies. We can also provide additional information to help you compare contracts and resolve diligence questions.
  • 3) Make a better-informed purchasing decision. You decide if you'd like to purchase using a contract we've identified. There's no obligation to use a cooperative contract, but if you do, we take a small fee from our vendor partners.