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Toby Giddings
Marion County, OR
"I spend a lot of time tracking down cooperative contracts. Having a single place where I can cast a wide net and search everything is so helpful."
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City of Santee, CA
"The team is knowledgeable and always there to help with particularly tricky searches. The follow-up by the team is fantastic! I have confidence when searching on CoProcure that I'm getting the best information possible."
Angi Mize
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Grand Prairie, TX
"CoProcure simplified our process for cooperative search. CoProcurehelps us save valuable staff time."
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We believe it shouldn’t take hours of research to find and use existing contracts. Our team of former public servants and technologists is building CoProcure to be the free technical infrastructure powering the spirit of collaboration in public procurement. Join us as we partner with public entities to make purchasing more efficient, collaborative, and equitable.

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