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Professional Grade Tools and Diagnostic Equip.(NASPO ValuePoint)

MSC Industrial Supply, Co.

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Hand Tools, Powered, All Kinds, Maintenance and Repair (Including Electrical and Hydraulic) NOTE: COMPLETE LISTING OF PRODUCTS IS UNDER "ATTACHMENT EXIST" FOLDER MARKET BASKET PRICE LIST. CONVENIENCE CONTRACT Setting up accounts with MSC contact representative listed above. - You can set up one (1) master account and have individual locations sign up with their own user ID; OR - Each purchasing location can sign up with their own account number O'Reilly will need the following information: - Name of Account - Contact Name - Contact Number - Contact Fax - Contact email - Physical Location - Billing Address - Agency main number With this information, MSC can have an account number set up. Once an account number is established, the purchaser can log in to NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Procurement # OK-MA-818-020 This Price Agreement is for the following Categories of Goods: # Professional Grade Tools # Diagnostic Equipment Authorized Users: - State Agencies - ORCPP Members Convenience Usage: This Price Agreement is a convenience contract for all Authorized Purchasers. Pricing Information: Pricing discounts Vendor List see attached Master Agreement Exhibit C Market Basket Pricing. Ordering & Delivery Information: - Permitted Ordering Methods: Purchase Order, web site on-line, telephone; - Toll Free Number: (888) 672-9722 Ordering URL: The Authorized Purchaser must set up an account with this supplier to order goods. Mandatory Purchase Order (PO) Language: THIS PURCHASE IS PLACED AGAINST THE STATE OF OREGON MASTER AGREEMENT NO.OK-MA-818-020 THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE MASTER AGREEMENT AND THE ASSOCIATED PARTICIPATING ADDENDUM ENTERED INTO BY THE STATE OF OREGON, CONTRACT NO. 9276 APPLY TO THIS PURCHASE AND SUPERSEDE ALL CONFLICTING TERMS AND CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. Delivery Information: Authorized Purchaser may have goods shipped FOB Destination, shipping included in the price of the item. Price Agreement Documents Include: - NASPO ValuePoint Oklahoma Master Service Agreement # OK-MA-818-020 - Oregon Participative Addendum - Price Agreement # 9276 consists of the Master Agreement # OK-MA-818-020 & the Participating Addendum - Price Agreement, Exhibit C Market Basket Pricing Term of Price Agreement: The contract period is for an initial term of 1 year now not the two years as it took longer for Master to be signed. It does have the option to extend for additional three (3) years. This Price Agreement (PA) is the result of a NASPO ValuePoint "Request for Proposal" (RFP) conducted by the state of Oklahoma. A Participating Addendum that has been approved and issued by the state of Oregon allows Authorized Purchasers to acquire the commodities listed in Market Basket price list. Keywords: Power Tools, Hand Tools, Professional Tools, Diagnostic Equipment