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Staffing Services and Related Solutions

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* Contingent Staffing Services Trigyn is an industry leader in recruiting, screening, and deploying top talent in mainstream professions and wide-ranging technologies. Our intensive recruitment and qualification processes have allowed us to build a growing network of hundreds of thousands of experienced professionals who help our clients' organizations achieve their business goals, maintain operational flexibility, and save money. * Payroll Services for Agency Identified/Referred Talent Where a client has identified a candidate who they wish to engage, but the client is required to use a contingent staffing model, Trigyn can help. Our Payroll Services allow clients to engage their preferred workers with the operational flexibility that comes with contingent staffing, but at a lower cost than is associated with vendor-sourced candidates. * Managed Services Trigyn manages mission critical technology and other functions for public sector entities. Our Managed Services programs allow clients to benefit from the scale and best practices of Trigyn's operations to realize cost savings, efficiency and operational advantages over internally run programs. Trigyn offers Managed Services in the areas of Technology Services, Contingent Staffing, Statement of Work (SOW) Programs, and Learning and Development Management. * Workforce Management Services Trigyn offers a full range of Workforce Management Services to help clients improve adherence with internal policies and procedures, ensure compliance with the applicable labor laws, incorporate industry best practice and reduce overhead. Trigyn's Workforce Management Services include: * Vendor Management System Consulting. * 1099/Independent Contractor Verification and Management. * Onboarding New Hires. * Recruitment Process Outsourcing. * IT Software Solutions Trigyn offers world-class custom development capabilities spanning a wide range of technologies. We operate two development centers and have deployed project teams that work at various client sites to deliver custom IT solutions. Trigyn offers clients a highly capable, efficient and proven software development capability that allows us to quickly understand your requirements, then methodically build and deliver well-documented IT solutions. Trigyn's software solution credentials include: * Comprehensive application development, maintenance, re-engineering and systems integration capabilities. * Dozens of certifications from various software, equipment and Cloud vendors including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and SAP. * ISO 9001:2015 certified. * CMMI Dev V 1.3 Maturity Level-5 certified. * 24X7 helpdesk and support.