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MSC Industrial Supply, Co.

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MRO - Industrial Supplies and equipment: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HAVAC) - Air Filters - Lamps, Ballasts and Fixtures - Janitorial - Sanitation - Material Handling Repairs - Security - Motors and Accessories - Electrical Repairs and Equipment - Fasteners - Batteries and Flashlights - Outdoor Garden Supplies and Equipment - Paint and Accessories - Plumbing - Power Tools and Accessories - Safety - Hand Tools - Welding and Soldering See "attachments exist" folder for pricing on Supplier's website under Exhibit B or contact the supplier directly. CONVENIENCE CONTRACT State agencies subject to DAS Procurement Authority are required to conduct a best value analysis (for purchases over $10,000.00) to determine which Price Agreement best meets the agencies needs considering all applicable criteria. Other Authorized Purchasers are encouraged to use a best value analysis to determine which Price Agreement best meets their needs. Convenience Usage: This Price Agreement is a convenience contract for all Authorized Purchasers. Authorized Users: - State Agencies - ORCPP Members Multiple Price Agreement Selection Process: Best Value Determination: Regarding Best Value Analysis please refer to the Oregon PA located in the "Attachments Exist" folder. This Price Agreement is for the following Categories of Goods and Services: - Janitorial Equip. & Supplies (does not include Sanitation Cleaning Chemicals) - Sanitation Cleaning Chemicals (does not include Janitorial Equipment & Supplies) - Fasteners - Material Handling - Plumbing - Power Sources - Outdoor Garden - Lamps, Lighting, Ballasts - HVAC - Hand Tools - Power Tools (excluding automotive related tools and products) - Electrical - Paint - Security - *Safety (does not include any public safety equipment) *SPECIAL NOTE: The NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #8499 and this Addendum for Facilities Maintenance and Repair & Operations (MRO) and Industrial Supplies excludes public safety equipment from the Products and Services offered under Exhibit B Section 1 Products. Public Safety Equipment is defined as products or services available through the NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement including Body Armor Products, Public Safety Communications Equipment Phase 1, Public Safety Communications Equipment Phase 2, and Public Safety Video Systems. *However, all other Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Recovery, EMS, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire Service and Uniforms not sold under the above referenced NASPO ValuePoint Public Safety contract are available for purchase under this NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #8499 and this Addendum. DAS PS awarded (13) Master Agreements. DAS PS awarded (11) Oregon Participating Addendums (Price Agreements) for Authorized Purchasers to use: -PA#8495 -PA#8496 -PA#8497 -PA#8498 -PA#8499 -PA#8500 -PA#8502 -PA#8503 -PA#8504 -PA#8505 -PA#8506 Pricing Information: Please refer to Master Agreement - Exhibit B for a complete list of the products and services available for purchase under this Price Agreement. Master Agreement is located in the "Attachments Exist" folder. Pricing discounts are listed in Exhibit B-1 of the Master Agreement. Master Agreement is located in the "Attachments Exist" folder. Ordering & Delivery Information: - Permitted Ordering Methods: Purchase Order, Credit Card, web site on-line, telephone; - Online via - eProcurement options (Punchout/Hosted Catalogs) - Telephone: 800-645-7270 - Facsimile: 800-255-5067 - Email: or Sid Tools Co. dba MSC Industrial Supply Co. Inc. 75 Maxess Road Melville, NY 11747 Purchasing Entities may access Contractor's catalog for above products at link: The Authorized Purchaser must set up an account with this supplier to order goods. Mandatory Purchase Order (PO) Language: "THIS PURCHASE IS PLACED AGAINST THE STATE OF OREGON MASTER AGREEMENT NO.8499 THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE MASTER AGREEMENT AND THE ASSOCIATED PARTICIPATING ADDENDUM ENTERED INTO BY THE STATE OF OREGON, CONTRACT NO. 8499 APPLY TO THIS PURCHASE AND SUPERSEDE ALL CONFLICTING TERMS AND CONDITIONS, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED." Delivery Information: Authorized Purchaser may have goods shipped FOB Destination, shipping included in the price of the products. Price Agreement Documents Include: - Solicitation #DASPS-2183-17 - NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement #8499 - Oregon Participating Addendum #8499 These documents can be located in the "Attachments Exist" folder. Term of Price Agreement: The initial contract term expires 6/30/19 with the option to extend for additional one (1) year terms for a maximum of five (5) YEARS. This Price Agreement (PA) is the result of a NASPO ValuePoint "Request for Proposal" (RFP) solicitation conducted by the state of Oregon. A Master Agreement and Oregon Participating Addendum that has been approved and issued by the state of Oregon allows Authorized Purchasers to acquire the commodities listed in Exhibit B. Keywords: Lights, Lighting fixtures, light bulb, fluorescent, Light-emitting Diodes, lamps & ballast, Facility maintenance, flashlight, battery, batteries, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration (HAVAC), Air Filters, Lamps, Ballasts and Fixtures, Cleaning, Material Handling Repairs, Security, Motors and Accessories, Electrical Repairs and Equipment, Fasteners, Batteries and Flashlights, Outdoor Garden Supplies and Equipment, Paint and Accessories, Plumbing, Janitorial Supply, Sanitation cleaning Chemicals, Power Tools and Accessories, Safety, Hand Tools, Welding and Soldering, Hammer