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Contract Publishing

Publish your agency's contracts on your website for free with CoProcure

Use CoProcure to manage and publish your agency's contracts, on your own website, for free. CoProcure can help you save time, achieve transparency goals, and collaborate with other agencies by organizing and publishing your agency's contract records.

Save Staff Time

Reduce the time your team spends responding to information requests from peer agencies, suppliers, and even colleagues.

Achieve Transparency Goals

Achieve transparency goals, without the extra expense. Document management and publication tools can be expensive. CoProcure's document management and publication tools are free for public agencies. No file size limits or fine print.

Collaborate and Connect

Collaborate with other agencies. Connect with a growing group of public agencies publishing their data for better benchmarking, expedited bid and contract-writing, and smarter cooperative purchasing.

The Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative publishes its contracts for free using CoProcure

The Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative (KCRPC) uses CoProcure to publish and manage its contracts. The Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative creates contracts to support members of the Mid-America Regional Council in the Kansas City, MO metro area. KCRPC uses CoProcure to publish its contracts directly on its website.

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