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How do I know if I’ve already won a cooperative contract?

Once suppliers have a better understanding of how cooperative procurement works and how they can benefit, the next step is to win a cooperative contract. But many businesses are surprised to learn that they have already been awarded a cooperative contract!

  1. Review your current contracts for cooperative language: Cooperative language in the contract and/or solicitation allows other entities to utilize the contract. The legal clauses you’re looking for can come in different forms. Check out examples of cooperative language to learn more. CoProcure can also review contracts for cooperative language - just send contract documentation to

  2. Search for your company on CoProcure: CoProcure has over 100,000 cooperative contracts in its database. You might already have a contract that we’ve tagged as cooperative.

Edited and reviewed by procurement professionals Kelly Mickelson, Karri Burgess, and Rita Parker

How do I get onto a cooperative contract?