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How can I use cooperative contracts to grow my government sales?

Reference your cooperative contracts in your outbound marketing emails. If you market to government entities via email campaigns, let them know that they may be eligible to purchase immediately off of one of your cooperative contracts, and add a link to your profile on CoProcure.

Make cooperative contracts part of your sales pitch. Compliance and the ease of a transaction are key components of the purchasing process. Make sure your sales team is discussing cooperative contracts with prospective public procurement professionals. Any interaction with a public procurement professional or end user is an opportunity to let them know that your company has a legal, pre-vetted contract that can help the public entity work with you.

Add your CoProcure profile to your website. Add a link to your CoProcure profile on your website so government entities can see your cooperative contract options and complete diligence documentation, all in one place.

CoProcure can help! Follow our checklist to start making your cooperative contracts work for you.

Edited and reviewed by procurement professionals Kelly Mickelson, Karri Burgess, and Rita Parker