Help bring the ease and efficiency of the free market to public procurement.

We're organizing information that powers purchasing decisions for local governments across the country, and we'd like your help.

Why CoProcure?

Do work that matters.

We're building technology to improve outcomes for public servants, businesses, and taxpayers across the country.

Drive innovation where it's most needed.

Apply startup methodologies to public sector challenges. Move quickly and iterate on solutions that address problems of great consequence for our communities.

Take ownership and grow quickly.

We're a tiny team with huge ambitions to change how local governments spend $1T+ of public funds each year. We'll trust you to bring this vision to life with high-impact, creative work.

Learn from some of the best.

Work with mission-driven teammates, innovative public servants from across the country, and top-tier investors including Leadout Capital and Neo.

What we value

Service to the greater good.

We strive to achieve better public outcomes, period.

Row together.

We disagree, but then align to row in the same direction. We communicate clearly and frequently to make sure we’re all working towards a clear, shared goal.

Own it.

We take pride in our work, learn from our failures, embrace our differences, and celebrate our successes. We, like our product, are constant works in progress.

Unabashedly earnest.

We’re unafraid to be sincere, passionate, and occasionally total goofballs. We enjoy showing our respect and affection for each other in weird, quirky ways.

Meet our team

Mariel Reed
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Mariel is a former public servant with the San Francisco Mayor's Office, where she helped scale Startup in Residence to a national program connecting technology startups and dozens of local U.S. governments. She was an early employee at Coursera, a venture-backed education technology startup. She graduated top of her class from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and is fluent in Mandarin.

Alicia Chen
Head of Engineering
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Alicia has worked on everything from display drivers to desktop infrastructure to web and data products. She was an early engineer at Dropbox, where her non-technical projects included the intern program and the diversity initiative. At the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, she worked on economic opportunity, criminal justice reform, and education. Outside of work, Alicia likes to read, craft, rock climb, and hang out with her kids.

Andrew Jung
Business Operations Manager
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Andrew studied CS and Econ at Middlebury College, where he also started his first business, a food delivery startup. After several years in finance, he launched another company while completing a Masters in Business. At CoProcure, Andrew focuses on designing and implementing the tools and partnerships that make CoProcure's cooperative contracts more accessible to governments across the country. Andrew enjoys all racquet sports, traveling, and contributing as a reluctant baritone on the CoProcure cover band.

Joe Huang
Software Engineer
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Joe studied computer science and mathematics at Vanderbilt University, where he interned at the Nashville Mayor's Office. Previously, he interned as a software engineer at UrbanFootprint, an urban data startup. Joe is passionate about the intersection of technology and civics. Outside of work, Joe enjoys reading and singing sea chanties.

Mark Rossetti
Software Engineer
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Mark has spent the last several years using software to solve problems of the public interest and common good, from assisting small business development to helping people clear old criminal records to building software for the treatment of opioid addiction. He loves working across the stack and seeing the big picture of what makes a product experience really valuable for users. Beyond the keyboard, Mark is a great fan of the outdoors, folk music and poetry, and partner acrobatics.

Veronica Gunn
Software Engineer
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Veronica studied computer science at the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to CoProcure, she worked at Palantir as a forward deployed engineer with a focus on government customers. Her technical interests include data pipelining and visualization, systems (distributed and operating), and most things backend. Outside of work she is fascinated by criminology, loves authentic Mexican food and board games, and has a soft spot for animals (especially small cats and large dogs).

Jessica Rosenfield
Software Engineer
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Jessica is a software engineer with experience in backend web development, data engineering, and bioinformatics. Prior to joining CoProcure, she worked on data pipelines and web services for GRAIL, a cancer detection company. Jessica earned her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology and geeks out about software with a social impact, distributed systems, and computational genomics. She also performs in improvisational comedy shows.

Yvonne Chen
Software Engineer
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Yvonne graduated from UCLA with a degree in CS, having led ACM@UCLA. She has interned at Facebook on the Civic Integrity team, working on identifying coordinated harassment against at-risk actors, and has also interned at Stripe on the Alternative Payments team. She loves working full stack and with data pipelining, and strongly believes in working in technology for social good. Her interests include doing magic tricks and learning all her mom's recipes!

Jacob Cavallo
Business Operations Lead
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Jacob is interested in the convergence of data, business, and public service. Prior to joining CoProcure, he spent the last couple years at midwestern food delivery startup Eatstreet where he worked in data analytics and spearheaded the company’s demand forecasting and driver scheduling efforts. Outside of work Jacob enjoys reading, sailing, learning new things, and visiting anywhere warm and tropical.

Becca Blazak
Business Development
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Becca has built her career in civic tech. She got her start with Code for America where she saw the impact of improving technology for local governments. Since then, Becca has partnered with state-level government in Australia to improve legal aid technology and helped build a non-profit organization working to activate tech workers and companies on important civic issues. Outside of work, Becca can be found running around Lake Merritt, doing yoga, and trying new recipes in the kitchen.

Kate Hawkins
Product Manager
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Kate is a product manager who enjoys building technology for social good. Prior to joining CoProcure, she built products at Bay Area public media organization KQED, internet radio service Pandora, and ed tech startup Coursera. Kate enjoys being outdoors, cooking for friends, having many beverages on hand at all times, and writing crossword puzzles.

Abby Krishnan
Software Engineer
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Abby is a software engineer who graduated from UT Austin with a degree in Computer Science and a certificate in Public Policy. At UT, she brought civic tech to the masses by founding the Texas Civic Tech Project. She has interned across the industry, at companies like Affirm, Facebook, and HomeAway. In her free time, she loves exploring the best places to eat in a city, registering folks to vote, and dabbling in creative short fiction

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