Solicitation search helps you write better solicitations, faster

Leverage the wisdom of thousands of public agencies in just a few clicks

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Whether you’re writing a totally new solicitation or updating a solicitation that you’re planning to re-run, it can be helpful to see examples of solicitation documents from other public agencies. If you’re like many public purchasers, you may call or email your peers, post in an online forum, or consult Google for help. But searching for solicitations this way is time-consuming.

We’ve built solicitation search so you can find the documents you need to write better solicitations, faster. With solicitation search on CoProcure, you can:

Save time.

Find relevant solicitations from agencies across the country in just a few seconds, all in one place.

Write better solicitations.

With solicitation search, you can leverage the collective wisdom of thousands of public purchasers across the country as you write your solicitation document.

“Looking at the scope of work or evaluation criteria from other agencies’ solicitations, especially really recent ones, helps us update our specifications and be more thoughtful about how we evaluate responses from vendors.” — Sharon Reed, Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS

See opportunities to skip the solicitation process.

You may be surprised to learn that contracts with cooperative language are available for many types of solicitations, even in unexpected categories like local services. CoProcure’s solicitation search will show you when contracts with cooperative language are available for your search terms, so you can determine whether to continue with writing a new solicitation or save time by piggybacking off an existing contract to complete your purchase.

How to use solicitation search

If you know you’d like to search for solicitations, start with solicitation search from CoProcure’s homepage. You can also toggle to solicitation search from contract search on CoProcure later on during your session.

Filter results based on how recently the solicitation was posted, location of the buyer agency, and full availability of solicitation documents. If the full documents you need aren’t there, just request them and CoProcure will track them down.

You’ll also see whenever there are cooperative contracts available that match your search terms, in case you want to explore the option to piggyback off an existing contract instead of running a new solicitation.

Finally, you can save solicitation examples to a list to organize your work or share the solicitations you’ve found with others, without having to download and send documents via email. (Read more about lists.)

Find solicitation examples now

Try solicitation search from CoProcure’s homepage. If you’re new to CoProcure, or want a little help getting started, we also invite you to join an upcoming Welcome Webinar, where you can learn more about how to make the most of CoProcure’s search capabilities.

If you’d like to share your agency’s solicitation or contract documents with the public procurement community, you can add them here or email us for assistance.

Special thanks

This new feature was created in response to requests and feedback from buyers that use CoProcure. A special thank-you to these buyers:

  • Jim Harley, City of Portland, Oregon
  • Karri Burgess, Johnson County, Kansas
  • Krystle Sigman, Pinal County, Arizona
  • Nick Ionna, Prosper Portland, Oregon
  • Nicole Hogan, Blue Valley School District, Kansas
  • Sharon Reed, Unified Government of Wyandotte and Kansas City, Kansas