Get organized on CoProcure with lists

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Example of "save to a list"

Tracking relevant information for a purchasing project can be a huge pain. If you’re like many buyers on CoProcure, you’re juggling several purchasing projects at once. As you work on these projects over days, or even a few weeks, you often need to save the information you find and eventually share it with purchasing teammates or end users, too.

We are excited to introduce lists on CoProcure: a simple, yet effective tool for organizing and sharing the relevant information you find through CoProcure search. You can now save specific suppliers and/or contracts to a custom list. You can also share lists with others by sending a unique link or copying a text version of the list directly into an email.

“Organizing relevant contracts on lists has enabled me to directly compare purchasing options, which saves me a ton of time — especially when keeping colleagues in the loop and sharing with them.” — Karri Burgess, Johnson County Procurement

3 ways you can use lists on CoProcure

1. Organize information for yourself and your team.

You can use lists to bookmark and directly compare contracts or suppliers. Below, a buyer from the City of Santee, CA created a list to compare cooperative options for purchasing commercial ice machines. View her full list on CoProcure.

Commercial Ice Machines List

Another buyer on CoProcure has created a list to keep track of contracts that her agency is piggybacking off of. See their list on CoProcure.

2. Strengthen cross-team communication.

You can now streamline communication with your internal stakeholders by sharing lists. Communicate with end-users and get feedback on their preferences in just a few clicks.

Share your list using a link or copy your list into an email. You can choose to share your list with others by sending them a link to the list. You can also invite others to view your list by copying the list into an email. Both sharing methods eliminate the need to share documents via email.

Save time by sending a list instead of downloading documents and sending via email. When you share a list, any documents associated with that list (solicitations, contracts, amendments, price lists, etc.) are visible to your collaborator. This can be especially helpful when you’re sharing contract files with colleagues or in responding to public information requests. Since a list can be sent to full records on CoProcure, you don’t need to download and attach files to your email.

Choose how much information to share with others. The default list view is the Overview, which shows supplier information as well as any contracts and contract documents. You can also share two other list views:

List views
  • If you’re working with an end user who only needs to see supplier information, and not full contract information and documents, you can share a Supplier View to simplify the amount of information that’s being sent.
  • The Contract View allows you to send all of the contract information to someone without needing to download and send all of the related docs.

3. Publish lists to help other buyers.

You can also help other buyers who may have similar needs by publishing your lists and sharing the work you’ve done with the broader procurement community.

Rita Parker, Program Coordinator at the Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative (KCRPC), has published lists to the KCRPC website to help buyers in the Kansas City metro area who have similar needs. Here’s the KCRPC list of contracts for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to support COVID response.


Get started making lists

Organizing and sharing information you find on CoProcure is now easier than ever. To start a list, simply search for something on CoProcure and click Save to List on a supplier page or contract page. You can find the lists you’ve saved on your My Lists page.

We love to hear your feedback and answer questions directly. You can reach out to CoProcure to schedule a time to learn more about the tool at, or join us for a weekly Welcome Webinar.