Supplier diversity filters make it easier to find diverse businesses on cooperative contracts

CoProcure’s diverse business search filter can help you meet equity in contracting goals

Supplier diversity filters

Many governments have policies that aim to support diverse businesses. However, identifying diverse businesses can be challenging for public procurement professionals. In response to requests from government buyers on CoProcure, we’ve added a search filter that now lets you quickly identify diverse businesses available on cooperative contracts.

Procurement plays an essential role in promoting equity in our communities. How governments award contracts massively impacts which types of businesses ultimately succeed and grow. The new diversity filters on CoProcure make it easier for procurement professionals across the country to include more diverse businesses in their contracting process.

“Working with HUB certified suppliers is a priority right now, so seeing HUB certification and cooperative contract information in one place is really helpful. Confirming this information with the supplier or checking the Texas State website are extra steps and sometimes cumbersome. If you’re a buyer in Texas looking to work with a HUB supplier on cooperative contract, once you find a supplier on CoProcure, you now no longer need to search on the Texas Comptroller Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL) website to confirm that the supplier you’ve identified is certified. This information is available directly in the supplier’s profile on CoProcure.” — Venona McGee and Anda Upchurch, Grand Prairie, Texas

Similarly, buyers in Oregon no longer need to check the state’s Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) website to find COBID-certified businesses. This information is available directly in the supplier’s profile on CoProcure.

Cooperative language contracts can be especially meaningful to diverse businesses. These kinds of contracts enable the supplier to sell to government agencies without the added time and expense of participating in a new competitive bidding process.

The data supporting CoProcure’s new diversity filter draws on source data from federal, state, and local certification programs. We are continuing to add new data sources every day. If there is a certification source that especially matters to you, please let us know. You can also encourage suppliers to add their business diversity information by claiming their profile on CoProcure.

Special thanks to Rob Lowe at the City of Beaverton, Oregon and Venona McGee and Anda Upchurch at Grand Prairie, Texas, for suggesting this feature and giving feedback on its development.