Easily Discover Diverse Suppliers on Cooperative Contracts with Updated Filters

If you’re a buyer at a public entity with established policy goals around supporting small and diverse businesses, you likely spend a lot of time identifying diverse suppliers. This process can be cumbersome, especially if your procurement team is already understaffed and pressed for time.

Earlier this year, CoProcure launched diversity filters to help public procurement professionals quickly see the diversity status of businesses available on cooperative contracts from hundreds of sources, all in one place. We’ve simplified the filtering experience to make it even easier to identify and work with diverse suppliers on cooperative contracts.

Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 2.53.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-04 at 2.54.19 PM.png

As a result of these updates, you can now:

  • More easily filter for diverse suppliers. You can now see any supplier that has one or more diversity credential(s) with the “any diverse supplier” option. You can also narrow your search results by selecting any combination of individual filters.

  • See search results that match all your filters on top. See your filtered matches at the top of the search results page. If filtered results don’t exactly match your specific diversity preferences, we’ll show you possible or partial matches lower down on the page.

  • Quickly tell when a diverse supplier is available from search results and contract pages. We’ve made it easier to see when a diverse supplier is available at a glance by providing diversity status information on the search results as well as contract details pages.

Bridging the gap between ‘fast and easy’ and ‘diverse and equitable’

For many public procurement teams with policy objectives around equity, it often feels like you must choose between a contracting option that is easy and fast, or one that meets your diversity goals. We’re excited to help bridge the gap between these priorities. It’s increasingly possible to save time and money by utilizing a cooperative contract and achieve your equity objectives by working with a diverse supplier.

We’re excited to make it easier to quickly find and work with small and diverse suppliers on cooperative contracts. Start your search today!