Announcing Improvements to Cooperative Contract Search

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched improvements to the cooperative contract search experience on CoProcure. We’ve made these changes to help you quickly find active, cooperative contracts that meet your compliance requirements and cover the goods or services you need.


What's Changed

You’ll only see active, cooperative language contracts in our default search results.
We know most buyers come to CoProcure looking for contracts they can use to make a purchase. We’ve updated our search experience to show active, cooperative contracts at the top of the search results page. When you search on CoProcure, you’ll see a list of contracts you may be able to utilize, instead of a list of suppliers. You can still use filters to see contracts that are expired and find suppliers that have not yet been awarded a cooperative language contract.

You’ll see all awarded suppliers under the same contract.
When one contract has been awarded to multiple suppliers, we’ll show all awarded suppliers under that contract result, so you can easily peruse all supplier options under a particular contract. You can also see compliance information, including the name of the purchasing cooperative or consortium and buyer lead agency right next to the contract title on the search results page.

If you search for a supplier, we’ll show you supplier profiles as well as contracts that match your search.
If you have a specific supplier in mind, you can still search for a supplier’s name in our search bar. We’ll return any supplier names that are a strong exact match for your search at the top of the search result page. Just click on a supplier result to explore all contracts associated with that supplier. You can also use filters to surface contract results from a particular supplier.

You’ll see more information up-front about products and services covered in the contract scope.
We know that contract titles don’t always provide all the information you need. A contract might be titled “Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and Related Service,” but how do you know if the contract covers ballistic helmets? To save you time, we’ve collected information about the specific products and services available under many contracts so you can have higher confidence that your need will be covered before spending time reviewing contract documentation, reaching out to suppliers, or contacting the cooperative or buyer lead agency for additional information. When available, we’ll show this information on the search results page. We are also continuing to add scope information to contracts.

Get to contract documentation, faster.
We know an important step in your diligence process is reviewing all documentation related to the contract, including the contract, solicitation, bid tabulation, and other files. Our new search interface makes it easier to see documents, search within documents, and request missing documents.

Try the improved experience for yourself with a search for ice resurfacers, safety vests, Panasonic AG-UX90 cameras, translation services, ambulances, Microsoft Office, portable hand washing stations, bike racks, ID laminators, 20 lb copy paper, or whatever you’re looking to procure on a cooperative contract!

What’s Next

We’re adding more product and service level data to make it easier for you to confirm contract scope. We’ll also be helping to expedite your review of contract documents so you can complete your diligence process faster.

Get Involved

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Thank You To The Buyers Who Made This Possible

A huge thank you to the dozens of public procurement professionals who provided invaluable feedback about these improvements and new features over the past few weeks:

Amanda Suer, Broome County, NY
Camber Schlag, Marion County, OR
Casandra Gentry, Denver Public Schools, CO
Chip Geiger, Greater Rockford Airport Authority, IL
Eric Wicks, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue, OR
Fernando Villalobos, Boca Raton, FL
Jan Sherar, City of Santee, CA
Jerimy Reis, Washington County, OR
John Tigert, Dorchester County, SC
Karri Burgess, Johnson County, KS
Keith Glatz, City of Tamarac, FL
Kelly Mickelson, Adams 12 Five Star Schools, CO
Krystle Sigman, Pinal County, AZ
Pat Drosten, City of Edgewater, FL
Raquel Fore, Kern Community College District, CA
Rita Parker, Kansas City Regional Purchasing Cooperative, MO
Whitney Smith, City of Arvada, CO