A cooperative contract diligence checklist for government buyers

Person making a check-list. Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash.

Cooperative purchasing can save government staff time and achieve cost savings. But if you’re new to cooperative purchasing in government, navigating the diligence process can be tricky. Here’s a general diligence checklist that can help you quickly evaluate whether or not you can use a cooperative contract.

Note that while most states and local governments allow for cooperative purchasing, specific requirements can vary from one entity to the next. This checklist is intended as a general guide that covers the basic diligence requirements for most public agencies. Please confirm your agency’s specific requirements before making a purchase.

Cooperative purchasing diligence starter checklist:

Contract term: The contract is still active, and it will be active for the duration of the time you’ll need to use it.

Contract scope: The goods and services you want to purchase are included in the contract scope. (You should be able to confirm this in the language of the contract and/or the attached price list.)

Lead agency: The lead agency is a public agency.

Competitive bidding: The contract was created through a formal competitive bidding process.

Cooperative language: The original bid solicitation and contract contain cooperative language. (See examples of this language here.)

Source documents: You can access and review source documents. Typically, you’ll want to see the original bid solicitation and any addenda, the executed contract, and any contract amendments or modifications. In some cases, you may also want to evaluate the bid tabulation, vendor’s response, and/or proof of advertisement.

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