Add your contracts

Why share contracts?

  • Earn revenue for your agency by helping other agencies. Help other agencies discover the contracts you've created, track which agencies are piggybacking off of your contracts, and earn revenue when other agencies purchase using your contracts.
  • Better benchmarking. Compare the contracts your agency has generated against other contracts in our database. Find opportunities for cost-savings.
  • Get proactive about purchasing. Generate time and cost savings. Get notifications about opportunities to purchase off of cooperative contracts and/or participate in new joint solicitations with other agencies.

How to Share

Join a growing network of public agencies collaborating on public purchasing. Our goal is to make sharing your agency's contracts as easy as possible. Select the method that works best for you:

  • Ask us to FOIA your agency: We'll send a Freedom of Information Act request to your agency.
  • Connect CoProcure with your ERP and/or e-Procurement tool: We're building integrations with common contract management tools. Find out more.
  • Tell us what works best for you: We'll reach out to find time to chat about the easiest way for you to share contracts.