Share your contracts on CoProcure

How to Add Contracts

  1. Email contract files to Please share the contract document and any available supporting documents, including the bid solicitation document, bid tabulation, and renewals or modifications.
  2. CoProcure adds the contract(s) to our database. Our team takes care of data entry. No extra work required!
  3. CoProcure emails you with link(s) to the contract records once they've been added to the database. You'll be able to review your contract records and share them with others.

Acceptable Document Types

  • Contracts
  • Bid solicitations
  • Spreadsheets or exports of contract reports
  • Other supporting documents such as bid advertisements, contract amendments, renewals, or modifications, bid tabulations, etc.
Still have questions? Check out our Adding Contracts FAQ below or contact us.

Submit Your Documents

Send your contracts to

Why Share Contracts on CoProcure?
For governments

Save time. Reduce the time you spend responding to information requests from colleagues, peer public agencies, and suppliers.

Support transparency and good government goals. Make purchasing information publicly available without expensive document publication and management tools.

For suppliers

Improve discoverability. Make your company's products and searches available to thousands of government buyers - for free!

Generate new sales. Sell to new agencies using a contract you've already won.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file types do you accept?
    We can accept most file types, including PDFs, Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
  • Is there a limit to file sizes?
    CoProcure has no particular limit on file sizes, but you may encounter limits when sending files by email. If you have problems, or if you have a large number of files to share, please consider contacting us to discuss the most efficient way for you to add contracts to our database.
  • We already share our contracts online. Can you add them to CoProcure from our website?
    Yes! We're glad you're publishing this data online already. Please send us an email to let us know where these contracts are published, and we will add the records from your site into our database.
  • We have a large volume of contracts that we'd like to publish. What's the easiest way to do this?
    Depending on how these files are stored and/or published currently, there may be a few options for sharing contract data. Please send us an email and we'll work with you to find the option that is easiest for you.
  • Can we set up automatic updates from our system of record to CoProcure so we don't have to manually update contract entries?
    Our team is able to work with you to minimize the reporting burden on your staff for adding contracts to CoProcure and set up an integration with your existing system(s). Please contact us to start this process.