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About Us

CoProcure's marketplace of cooperative contracts helps public servants save time and taxpayer dollars and reduces the costs of selling to governments for businesses.
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CoProcure makes it easy to collaborate on public purchasing

Each year, local governments in the U.S. spend over one trillion dollars on goods and services. Governments must make purchases using contracts that have been created through a formal competitive bidding process, and most of the nearly 90,000 local governments run their own bidding processes, even though they buy similar things. Instead, governments can legally collaborate on purchasing by sharing contracts, a process known as cooperative purchasing. Most governments know about cooperative purchasing and want to share contracts, but struggle to find contracts that meet their needs.

Our free marketplace of competitively-bid contracts saves governments and suppliers time and money

CoProcure is creating a central place where local governments can find, compare, and use cooperative public contracts from the federal government, national and regional purchasing cooperatives, states, and local agencies. Our free technology platform helps public servants save time and taxpayer dollars and lowers the costs of selling into the government market for suppliers.

Our Vision


Government staff, businesses, and taxpayers will be able to readily review and compare public purchases to understand what governments are buying, from which suppliers, and on what terms.


More suppliers, and more diverse suppliers, will be able to sell into the government market. The cost of doing business with governments will fall over time, as the number and diversity of suppliers and ease of doing business with government all increase.


Government staff will be able to maximize value to taxpayers through the timely purchase of high-quality goods and services on competitive terms.

We're passionate about using technology to enable better public outcomes

Our founding team comes from experience in both local government and technology startups. We built the first version of our product in collaboration with local governments across the Kansas City, MO and Portland, OR metro areas. We're proud to be building technologies that enable better public outcomes.

Mariel Reed
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Mariel Reed is a former public servant with the San Francisco Mayor's Office, where she helped scale Startup in Residence to a national program connecting technology startups and dozens of local U.S. governments. She was an early employee at Coursera, a venture-backed education technology startup. She graduated top of her class from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and is fluent in Mandarin.

Aaron Hans
Founding Engineer
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Aaron is a full stack web developer with experience defining frontend architecture across high-traffic consumer and commercial applications. He's an active civic-hacker; his most recent project with Open Oakland, an interactive visualization of safe drinking water data, won an award from the State of California. He's an East Bay native and enjoys taking his small children skateboarding, snowboarding, and kiting.

Sofia Jordan
Public Policy Intern
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Sofia is a Master of Public Policy graduate student at UC Berkeley's Goldman School and a public policy intern at CoProcure. Previously, she served at the Chilean Antitrust Agency, where she helped successfully convict three pharmaceutical labs for corruption in public bidding. She loves running, hiking, and Indian food.

Interested in working with us? We're hiring

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is cooperative purchasing?

    Cooperative purchasing is an established legal best practice that involves sharing procurement contracts between governments. The federal government, states, national and regional purchasing groups, and even local entities all create cooperative contracts that can help local governments save time and achieve cost savings. Read more about cooperative purchasing on the CoProcure blog.

  • If CoProcure is free for governments and suppliers, what's your revenue model?

    CoProcure's contract search tool will always be free to use. Over time, we will develop paid products and features to create additional value for suppliers and government users.

  • How does CoProcure benefit diverse business types?

    Cooperative contracts can benefit suppliers of all types by reducing the costs of selling to governments. However, cooperative contracts can be especially meaningful for diverse businesses such as small, minority-owned, women-owned, and local businesses trying to grow within a region. Indeed, many cooperative contracts created by local public agencies or regional purchasing cooperatives have been awarded to diverse suppliers; yet, these contracts are not always available to local agencies that may find them relevant. CoProcure makes these existing cooperative contracts more discoverable to other governments within a region and beyond. Better discovery can significantly increase business for diverse suppliers, who otherwise might not have the resources or knowledge to leverage a cooperative contract.

  • How can I contribute data?

    You can upload and share your contracts for free here.