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We're building CoProcure to be the first stop for your public buying decisions. Search tens of thousands of active cooperative contracts from national and regional cooperatives including OMNIA, Sourcewell, TIPS, NASPO Valuepoint, as well as state and local agencies, all in one place, for free.

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Search by product, service, brand, or supplier. Use plain language - try a search for "submersible pump," "Panasonic projector," "IT consulting," or "playground equipment." No commodity codes necessary here!

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See active cooperative contracts from your go-to sources, all in one place.

Find contracts you can piggyback on from national purchasing cooperatives including OMNIA Partners, Sourcewell, NASPO Valuepoint, states, and local agencies. Discover cooperative contracts from new cooperatives and local agencies, too.

Dive into the documents for faster diligence.

Browse the solicitation and contract documents on CoProcure or download them for later reference. Jump directly to pricing documents, specifications, scope of work, and more.

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Contact the supplier on CoProcure with a question or a request for a quote. We'll start an email thread directly between you and the vendor so you can follow up with any questions or next steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does CoProcure work?
    CoProcure aggregates cooperative contract information from hundreds of sources to save local governments time and money. Use CoProcure to find contracts from national and regional purchasing cooperatives including NASPO Value Point, OMNIA, Sourcewell, and more. You can also discover cooperative contracts from the General Services Administration (GSA), states, and local agencies.

    If you've ever used a travel search engine like Expedia or Kayak to book airfare or hotels, you've seen how compiling information from many sources in one place can save you time and money as a consumer. CoProcure is like Expedia or Kayak, but for cooperative contracts.
  • How does CoProcure acquire contract data?

    CoProcure collects information that is publicly available from hundreds of sources across the country. Public agencies and purchasing cooperatives also directly contribute data to our database. While all public purchasing data is a matter of public record, not all purchasing data is easy to find, well organized, or readily accessible. CoProcure leverages proprietary technical infrastructure to aggregate, organize, and make cooperative contract data searchable in a user-friendly way.

    Our contract data is refreshed on a regular cadence, so you'll always have up-to-date information. If you'd like to see a new source added to CoProcure, please let us know.

  • Who uses CoProcure?

    Our product is built for local governments, with local governments. From Pinal County, AZ and Grand Prairie, TX to Portland, OR and Adams 12 School District in CO, thousands of public agencies across the country use CoProcure each month to find and compare cooperative contracts. Government users of CoProcure regularly inform new features and collaborate on how to build them. For example, more than a dozen buyers from different public agencies across the country helped shape our latest product improvements.

  • How is CoProcure free for public agencies?

    CoProcure is free to governments and we intend to keep it that way, period. There is no fee to access contract data or use search and no implementation required to get started with our product.

    We're a venture-backed, mission-driven technology company founded by former local public servants and technologists. We raised venture capital from private investors in Silicon Valley to hire top-notch technical and product talent and focus on building the best tool for buyers. Our future monetization plans are still in progress, but we're committed to keeping contract search open and free for public agencies.

  • How do I get started?
    Try your first search today! You can search by product, service, keywords, supplier, or even contract number. If you'd like a more in-depth training, join us at our weekly Welcome Webinar. We use these webinars to support your search for upcoming purchases and answer any questions you may have. You can also check out our blog for additional curated content on cooperative purchasing for public agencies.